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Middle South

November, 2004
Regional Report

Cut Back on Fertilizing Houseplants

Houseplants grow more slowly during the short days of winter -- unless they are under artificial grow lights -- so cut back on fertilization accordingly. Resume regular feeding when vigorous growth resumes in spring. You may or may not need to reduce watering, depending on how dry the air is in your home.

Pot Up Amaryllis

Pot up amaryllis bulbs for holiday blooms. Choose a small, heavy container that is no more than 2 inches larger in diameter than the bulb, and set the bulb so about a third of it is above the soil line. If the pot is too large, the plant will put most of its energy into root growth and may not bloom.

Add Lime to Lawn

Have your lawn's soil tested and, if necessary, add the recommended amount of limestone to raise the pH. Soil test results will indicate if you should use dolomitic limestone, which contains magnesium. During the winter, rain and snow will wash the limestone down into the soil and help dissolve it.

Store Pesticides Safely

Store pesticides -- including organic ones -- in a frost-free location away from food and out of reach of children. Be sure all containers are properly sealed and labeled.

Collect Items for Decorating

Collect berries, dried seedpods, pinecones, and other attractive fall items from your yard or local fields or woodlands to use in holiday decorations and gifts. Be sure to ask permission of landowners, if necessary.


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