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Middle South

November, 2004
Regional Report

Research Tree Varieties

If you plan to buy a live, balled-and-burlapped tree for the holidays, take some time to research what varieties are best suited to your yard. White pine, blue spruce, and Norway spruce are good choices, but know that they will eventually get very large. Note that the popular Fraser fir thrives only at relatively high elevations and dislikes heavy clay soil.

Water Evergreens

Continue watering evergreens, as well as newly planted trees and shrubs, until the ground freezes. Evergreens continue to lose moisture through their foliage all winter, so keep soil moist as long as possible to send them into winter with plenty of reserves.

Evaluate Your Yard

Evaluate your yard for its fall ornamental value, and consider adding plants with attractive fall foliage, interesting shapes, and colorful berries.

Avoid Chilling Houseplants

As nights grow colder, move houseplants away from window glass to prevent chill damage. Or close shades or curtains at night to help insulate them against the cold.

Start Herb Seeds for Windowsill Garden

Start seeds of basil, chives, sage, or other herbs for a winter windowsill herb garden. If you don't have a sunny windowsill, consider setting up a light garden using fluorescent bulbs suspended a few inches above the tops of plants.


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