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Northern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

January, 2005
Regional Report

Buy Camellias and Azaleas in Bloom

Purchase azaleas and camellias when they are in bloom. You will be assured of getting exactly the color you want, no surprises! Nurseries carry a large selection of winter-blooming shrubs. Both camellias and azaleas should be planted high in the soil so the top inch of the root ball is above the surface.

Plant Sweet Peas

It\'s not too late to plant sweet peas. Plant the seeds in a sunny spot in rich, fast-draining soil. Make sure to select the spring-blooming varieties.

Prune Deciduous Plants and Trees

January is the perfect time to prune dormant plants, such as roses, fruit trees, grapes, and berries. Prune away any dead, diseased, or injured wood first, then prune for shape. Use sharp, clean shears to make your job easier and the cuts cleaner.

Spray Deciduous Plants

Spray dormant plants after you have finished pruning. Copper/oil or lime/sulfur should be applied to deciduous plants to kill overwintering insect pests. Purchase ready-to-use products that attach to the end of the hose, or mix your own to save a few bucks.

Be Kind to Houseplants

Provide humidity to indoor plants. The lack of humidity is the primary cause of insect infestations on indoor plants. Use a gravel-filled saucer under houseplants or mist daily to increase humidity .


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