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Northern & Central Midwest

February, 2005
Regional Report

Cutting Tatarian Honeysuckle

Hand pull or clip seedlings or small plants to ground level. Try not to disturb the soil around the plants if possible. Recut the plants at least once during the year -- several times, if possible, to cause the plant to exhaust itself. Cutting it back once will only invigorate the plants.

Combatting Multiflora Rose

Repeated cutting or mowing three to six times during a growing season for two to four years will usually kill a multiflora rose. Pulling young plants can be successful, but it is necessary to dig all roots since plants will regrow from root segments.

Controlling Purple Loosestrife

If your infestation is small, it is quite easy to pull young plants by hand. Try to get to them before they set seed. There are several biological controls available for large populations, including a root-mining weevil and two flower-feeding beetles. You also can clip off flower heads just as they open.

Removing Garlic Mustard

This herbaceous biennial can be controlled by pulling the rosettes that are formed the first year when the ground is soft in spring, and by cutting off the seed stalks close to the ground on second-year plants. Be sure to cut the stalks before seeds are formed.

Eradicating Buckthorn

Controlled burning can eliminate buckthorn, but only with specific supervision and attention to state and community regulations. Otherwise, pulling seedlings by hand or with a weed wrench is effective. Cutting the plants at the base only stimulates them to produce more growth.


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