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June, 2005
Regional Report

Harvest Early

Many vegetables, such as peas, carrots, green beans, and zucchini, taste best (think sweet, tender, gourmet baby veggies) when harvested while they are still small. Since peas, beans, and summer squash, for example, will produce more the more you pick, this also will help you extend your harvest.

Controlling Aphids

These soft-bodied, sucking insects tend to congregate on the tender new growth tips. If ladybugs are present, too, then they will clean up the aphids for you. If not, simply rinse aphids off with a spray of water from the garden hose. Most will not climb back up!

Keep Deadheading

Many flowers will rebloom or bloom more heavily if deadheaded. The purpose of deadheading is to prevent the plant from using energy to form seeds. To deadhead effectively, remove the entire flower -- not just the petals. Ugly bare stems also may be removed.

Include Scented Plants

We often design a garden for visual effect and forget the joys and surprises of a fragrance. Look for scented plants in a range of tones from spicy to sweet. Some plants have fragrant blooms, some have fragrant foliage. Some are fragrant only at night. Enjoy!

Fertilize Water Lilies and Lotus

As your waterlilies and lotus begin to expand, keep them well fertilized for best growth and lush blooming. Push the fertilizer tablets deep into the soil and cover them so they do not dissolve directly into the water. Check the label instructions for how many to use per plant.


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