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Middle South

June, 2005
Regional Report

Harvest Herbs

Most herbs are at their most flavorful when harvested just before they flower. Harvest in the morning for maximum flavor. Store the herbs in loosely tied plastic bags in the refrigerator. The exception is basil; keep it at room temperature, setting the stems in a jar of water.

Choose Disease-Resistant Plants

When choosing plants, look for varieties described as disease-resistant. For example, some varieties of bee balm, such as 'Cambridge Scarlet', are very susceptible to powdery mildew, while others, such as 'Marshall's Delight', are much more resistant to this disfiguring disease.

Remove Bulb Foliage

Once the foliage on your spring-flowering bulbs has turned yellow, you can safely cut it off. Plant shallow-rooted annuals in bulb beds, taking care not to disturb the bulbs when you plant them.

Use a Mailbox for Storage

Set a mailbox on a post in your garden, and use it to hold small items, such as pruners, trowels, plant ties, labels, and markers. The items will be there when you need them, and the mailbox will keep them dry. Paint or decorate the mailbox, and it becomes garden art!

Water Foundation Plants

Take note of any foundation plantings that are under the eaves of your house, and be sure to water these weekly if the eaves prevent rainwater from reaching them. When adding new plantings, place them outside the drip line to be sure nature takes care of the watering. However, avoid planting delicate plants where roof runoff might damage them.


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