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Coastal and Tropical South

July, 2005
Regional Report

Make Tipi Trellises

Set up a kid-friendly tipi made of bamboo or other wooden poles. Seed sunflowers around, and vines to run over it. Push poles into the ground at least a foot for stability and arrange them in a circle. Tie the tops together with wire and wrap the cone-shape with string trellis.

Employ Kids in Watering

Put a bored 10-year-old in charge of watering container plants until the water runs out through the pot. The payoff for the child is the bonus task: he gets to use your garden turkey baster to suck the water out of the saucers to prevent reabsorption and tip burn.

Help Kids Save and Sow Seeds

If you have blackeyed Susans and purple coneflowers, you have a kid gardening project. Let some flowers drop their petals and put on their seeds, then clip the stems. Direct little hands to crush and smush the cones to scatter seed. You'll be surprised how many come up and where!

Give Kids Dunk Power

Put children in charge of dropping mosquito dunks into water features, including those you didn't build, such as water standing in ditches after heavy rains. The commercial dunks are nontoxic to humans but lethal to our worst pests, the carriers of West Nile virus. Use them!

Plant Fall Veggies

The summer storm season continues, yet it's time to plant more vegetables. Suckers on spring tomato plants root readily in water for planting in two weeks. Pumpkins planted with a plastic jug reservoir alongside will fruit by October. It may be wet now, but a steady water supply is essential.


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