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Northern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

February, 2006
Regional Report

Prune Deciduous Plants

Fruit trees, roses, hydrangeas, and fuchsias should have their annual pruning. Remove all dead, diseased, or injured wood first. Next, remove any crossing branches or limbs that grow through the center of the plant. Finally, prune for shape, reducing the height of fruit trees so that you can reach the produce. Roses should be pruned so that the eventual crop of flowers will be at eye level.

Plant for Spring Color

Annual bedding plants should be coming to a nursery near you very soon. Pansies, nemesia, schizanthus, and a variety of violas and Johnny-Jump-Ups are beautiful planted in containers or garden beds. It's always a good time to add color!

Groom Garden Beds

Keep garden beds looking good by removing faded foliage and flowers. There are still a few leaves blowing around, so keep them raked up to eliminate hiding places for slugs and snails.

Cultivate Soil

Cultivating damp winter soil will prevent weeds from becoming established and allow oxygen to reach the roots. Use a hand cultivator to open the surface of the soil, being careful not to disturb small bedding plants. Pick up any weeds that look like they might take root again.

Plant Bare-Root Stock

This is the last chance to plant bare-root stock. This is the most economical way to plant fruit trees, roses, berries, and perennial crops, such as asparagus and rhubarb.


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