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Coastal and Tropical South

February, 2006
Regional Report

Prevent Iris Problems

If the iris leaves were spotted yellow or streaked with orange last year, clean up the area very well to get rid of debris. Rake out old leaves and mulch, and be sure bearded iris rhizomes are exposed. When the new leaves sprout, begin spraying with a fungicide.

Rejuvenate Nonblooming Daylilies

As soon as the daylilies that didn't bloom last year come up, dig them up and divide their clumps, then replant. Often they stop flowering because they are crowded. Water regularly and start fertilizing to keep the plants growing and encourage good flowering.

Prevent Tip Burn

Tip burn can be caused by high flouride content in the water and by letting water in the saucer under the plant get sucked back up into the pot. Use water that has stood for several hours to allow the fluoride to dissipate, and remove water from the saucer promptly after it drains through.

Help Hibiscus Hold Onto Their Buds

Manage water and insects wisely to prevent bud drop. Apply enough water so it drains out the bottom of the pots, then refill the headspace and let it percolate through. Cut open a bud to see if there are insects inside. If so, control them with an insecticidal soap or neem.

Prune Bougainvilleas

Prune off the old bloom cluster and half the green stem that bore it. As the new growth starts again, tip prune it to encourage compact growth.


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