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Coastal and Tropical South

August, 2006
Regional Report

Tropical Veggies

Bean time is now! Each week in August brings an entirely different kind to plant. Hoist the trellis or bean pole tipis and plant pole lima beans first (Carolina sieva, Florida speckled). Follow them with Henderson lima beans, pole snap beans like Dade, and finally bush green beans including Contender and Derby.

Coastal Crops

August is the month to plant many favorite vegetables, and the time that traditional seasonal groups cross the line. Make room for summer squash from seed, whole irish potatoes, and the first seeding of turnip greens. If you have never grown beets, now's the time and you'll be surprised how good they taste.

Happy Hummingbirds

If someone gave you a hummingbird feeder this year, put it to good use. Hang the feeder well above the ground, close to a window where you can easily watch the action. Refill the feeder every other day, and clean it weekly in hot soapy water, then rinse well and refill.

Annual Redo

The periwinkles, zinnias, and impatiens you planted this spring may need rejuvenating now. Cut off the old flowers, and cut the stems back, too, if they are leafless or spotted. Water in with fertilizer, put on an inch of new mulch, and look for new flowers in three weeks.

Seed Saving

Many instructions tell you to leave seed pods on the plant until they dry, then harvest them. In rainy summers, though, that can lead to moldy seeds. If rain is predicted at a critical time, use a twist tie to anchor little plastic bags around the heads. Remove when the sun comes out.


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