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Northern & Central Midwest

August, 2006
Regional Report

Make Plans for Fall Transplanting

Fall is a great time for planting or transplanting trees and shrubs, so make plans now. However, don't dig them until their leaves begin to turn or drop. This is the indication that they are going dormant and will be able to tolerate the transplant shock associated with moving them.

Move Evergreens Before October

If you intend to move or plant broadleaf or needled evergreens, plan to do this before October 1st. Water them thoroughly before moving day, and dig with as large a rootball as you can manage. After planting, mulch and make sure the plants get an inch of water every week.

Add Color With Fall Annuals

This is the time to add fall annual flower color. Favorites such as pansies and chrysanthemums will sometimes perform as perennials as long as you plant them in the ground early in the fall, giving them time to establish good root systems. Also, perennial asters are a good buy for fall color.

Take Cuttings From Annuals

This is the time to take cuttings from favorite annuals, such as geraniums, coleus, begonias, and impatiens. Take 3- to 5-inch cuttings and remove all but a few leaves. Dip in rooting hormone and stick in sterile potting soil. Add a plastic tent until they root. Then move to a sunny window for the winter.

Grow an Herb Garden Indoors

Bring herbs indoors for the winter by taking cuttings of basil, thyme, lemon thyme, and oregano. You can also dig perennials such as thyme, oregano, and sage by cutting them back and potting them up. Water them well and put them in indirect light until the new growth begins.


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