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Western Mountains and High Plains

August, 2006
Regional Report

Plant Daffodils Early

Now's the time to start planting because these bulbs need to establish roots while the soil is still warm. Plant them deeply, with at least 7 to 8 inches of soil above the nose of the bulbs. Deep planting assures they will thrive and multiply for many years to come.

Prepare Geraniums for Indoors

If you plan to overwinter geraniums indoors, prepare them now. Cut back leggy plants so they will be easier to dig and transplant into containers before the first fall frost. If you're short on time and space, take some cuttings for new geranium plants and don't save the ones in the garden. Find a place indoors with bright light and cool temperatures.

Plant Winter Pansies

Call them what you like, winter or hardy pansies, it's time to plant them for late-season color. Put them in window boxes, containers, and borders. They will grow and bloom well into December. Once it gets really cold, cover them with a few layers of row cover until late February when they will be ready to grow and bloom again.

Plant Perennials

This is a great time to plant new perennials or divide the spring-blooming perennial flowers. They will get a head start on their growing season and be ready to bloom next year. Use a transplanting spade that has a short handle but a long blade for easy digging. It allows you to bring up a large unbroken clump of crown and roots.

Plant Peonies

Fall sales offer discounted prices on herbaceous and tree peonies. Plant them in full sun where the soil has been enriched with compost and sphagnum peat moss. Don't plant too deeply or they may fail to bloom.


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