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Western Mountains and High Plains

September, 2006
Regional Report

Control Canada Thistle

Late summer to early fall is an excellent time to control the perennial pest weed known as Canada thistle. Spot treat with the least toxic weed killer that will do the job, by painting it on the leaves. Read and follow label directions carefully when using any weed killer.

Plant Garlic

Now is the time to plant a row of garlic. Plant garlic cloves so that the tips are barely above the soil. Once planted, mulch with coarse compost. Water sparingly, only as the soil begins to dry out. Next spring the plants will regenerate growth and you will have a crop ready for harvest in June or July.

Aerate the Lawn

Summer traffic results in wear and tear and soil compaction on your lawn. Now is the time to have the lawn core-aerated to open the soil for oxygen and water penetration. Cooler weather in autumn will induce root growth and improve the overall health of the turf.

Harvest Ripening Tomatoes

As the weather turns cooler, it's time to harvest ripening tomatoes. Fruit is slow to ripen with cool nights. Once the fruits have pink coloration, gently pick them and bring them indoors to a warm spot. Place one layer of tomatoes in a shallow box. They will ripen with full flavor.

Provide Support for Apple Trees

Trees bearing a heavy load of fruit will benefit from extra support to prevent branch breakage and tree diseases. Use 2 x 4s as support stakes underneath the branches loaded with apples. Staple a piece of indoor/outdoor carpet on the portion of the stake that touches the branch.


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