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Coastal and Tropical South

November, 2006
Regional Report

Even Out New Sod

Poorly laid sod seldom completely recovers, but you can help to even out the lumps and fill in the gaps. Pour in sand, then water well and refill any sunken areas. Up to an inch of sand a year will not damage the grass, and may prevent ruts between sod squares.

Pruning Vines

Hardy vines not in bloom now can use a trim to neaten them up and stimulate new growth in the coming months in tropical areas. Orange trumpet vine may be heavy with seedpods ripe for collecting. If leaf miners invade coral honeysuckle, use oil spray in the first cool week.

Plant Palmetto Pups

Mature clumps of palmettos get crowded as new sprouts emerge over time. If you want another clump elsewhere, dig up the babies as soon as you can handle them. Palmettos are difficult to transplant, so transplant three where you want one. Your own seedlings can be planted out now, too.

Renew Geraniums

Many gardeners wonder "Why bother with geraniums?" when they see this grand lady in the garden centers in springtime. Too many are overwatered or left in dry heat as we attempt to see them through the summer. Don't let yours succumb. Cut it back, water and fertilize it for months of new flowers to come.

Decorate With Okra

To decorate this month's table, turn to the vegetable garden. Cut 2 feet off the top of several okra stems, whether green or brown. Spray paint red, dust with gold, and tie in bunches with a seasonal ribbon. Arrange at the base of candlesticks or a punch bowl and collect compliments.


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