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Northern & Central Midwest

November, 2006
Regional Report

Start Light Pruning

Deciduous trees and shrubs can be lightly pruned toward the end of November and into December. Wait to do heavy pruning until February or March before buds break. Do, however, immediately prune any branches damaged by snow and ice. Always use good pruning practices.

Check for Critter Damage on Trees and Shrubs

Watch for rubbing on tree trunks from young deer bucks, and gnawed or stripped bark from lower trunk areas due to rabbits, mice, and voles. If there is a problem, tack hardware cloth around the trunk. Repellents are usually ineffective in winter.

Get Amaryllis Ready for Bloom

Pot up amaryllis bulbs in sterile potting mix. Keep the bulb about half out of the soil. For already established bulbs, remove the top inch of soil and replace with fresh soil. Begin watering and keep the plant out of direct sun, drafts, and heating vents. As the stalk grows, rotate the pot for even growth.

Give Cyclamen Cool Temps

Cyclamen plants perform best in cool indoor conditions. Water them only when the soil dries out, and avoid splashing water on foliage. Remove faded flowers and stems to keep the plant blooming and looking attractive. When it's finished blooming, remove the pot to a dark place and allow it to go dormant.

Take Care of Topiary Ivy

Ivy topiary plants do best in a cool, bright window placed away from heating vents. Rinse the foliage regularly with tepid water to keep the foliage clean and free of mites. Train new shoots and tendrils to keep the topiary in the intended shape. Fertilize only in summer months.


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