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Western Mountains and High Plains

March, 2007
Regional Report

Sharpen Pruning Tools

While it's time to get out and do some pruning, remember to use sharp pruning tools. You can sharpen pruning blades on a grinding stone, or take them to a shop to have it done before you get too busy. The cleanest and easiest pruning cuts are made with sharpened blades.

Lightly Rake Turf

If your lawn grasses are matted down from heavy accumulations of snow, now is the time to lightly fluff and rake the lawn. This will reduce the matting, help reduce snow mold disease damage, and increase air circulation around the grass plants.

Take Coleus Cuttings

If you like to plant colorful coleus in shade to semi-shady areas and you've kept some older plants around the house, it's time to take cuttings. They are easy to root in a soilless potting mixture. Coleus cuttings will root within 4 to 6 weeks.

Check Juniper Shrubs

After the snow melts, check junipers and other evergreens for cracked and broken branches. If you spot damaged branches, prune back to a side branch to reduce insect invasions and possible diseases.

For the Birds

Keep a birdbath filled with fresh water for the birds. Despite the snow, birds need and appreciate water during their daily activities in our landscapes. Birds will soon be looking for nesting sites, so clean out the old birdhouses while working outdoors.


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