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Western Mountains and High Plains

March, 2007
Regional Report

Check Compost Pile

If you haven't been monitoring it, turn your compost pile now. Lightly water the pile and begin to turn it regularly to get it heated up again. This will speed up the decomposition process.

Start Weeding

Get weeds while they are still small. You can use a flame gun to spot kill weeds when they first germinate or pull them out by hand. Straight vinegar or boiling water kill weeds without leaving any residue behind. For tougher weeds, make sure you get as much of the root system as possible when digging or pulling.

Plan the Vegetable Garden

During the stages of garden planning, incorporate companion planting to strengthen and reinforce plant vigor while helping to repel pests. For example, marigolds do help to repel aphids and whiteflies. Give companion planting a try this year.

Build a Cold Frame

If you want to get plants off to a good start, build a cold frame that helps plants acclimate to the transition to the garden. Cold frames with a south or southeast exposure hold in daytime heat and provide protection on cold nights to help plants harden off before they are set directly in the garden.

Mulch Bulbs in Very Cold Spots

Lightly mulch early spring bulbs, especially if you live in areas where freezing temperatures hang on. The foliage is more tolerant of the cold, but as the flower buds emerge, they may need some protection.


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