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Western Mountains and High Plains

March, 2007
Regional Report

Plant Dahlia Tubers

It's time to plant those dahlia tubers you've had in storage. Separate the clumps, retaining a solid, healthy tuber and bud in each division. Plant in 1-gallon pots and place on a sunny window or porch. This will get them off to a head start and ready them for planting in the garden in May.

Spray Dormant Oil

As long as the buds are still somewhat tight on fruit trees, you still have time to apply dormant oil sprays to smother overwintering insects and their eggs. These oils are very safe and effective for controlling a wide range of pests, including scale, aphids, mites, and adelgids. Follow label directions for effective application methods and temperature ranges.

Start Tomatoes Indoors

You still have ample time to start tomato seeds indoors. If you like the heirloom varieties that may not be available at your local garden store, start seeds by mid-April. The plants will grow to the ideal size for transplanting outdoors in late May.

Cut Back Ornamental Grasses

It's a lot easier to cut the old growth on ornamental grasses before the surge of new growth appears. Use heavy-duty loppers or hedge shears to cut the old growth to within a few inches of the crown.

Clean Up Diseased Leaves

If you didn't get around to gathering and cleaning up the dead, diseased leaves at the base of aspen trees last fall, do it now. Good sanitation practices will reduce disease problems.


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