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Southern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

May, 2007
Regional Report

Plant Tender Trees and Vines

Plant citrus and other tender trees, and vines like bougainvillea. Mix the potting mix in the container with soil from the new hole so there's no sharp transition zone for the new roots to deal with. Don't add organic matter to the planting hole; instead, use it as mulch on top of the soil to hold in moisture with fewer waterings.

Feed Established Fruit Trees

Feed established fruit trees now that they're actively growing. This will give them the energy to provide a good leaf canopy.

Plant Drought-Tolerant Color

Blooming shrubs that need little water when they're mature include abelia, bottlebrush, broom, ceanothus, cotoneaster, crape myrtle, grevillea, oleander, pittosporum, pyracantha, raphiolepis, rockrose (cistus), and strawberry bush.

Include Fragrant Shrubs

For fragrance wafting through the garden year after year, plant citrus, gardenias, jasmine, mock orange, and roses.

Pinch Mums for More Fall Color

For bushier mums with lots of blooms this fall, pinch back stems after each 6 inches of growth. Continue pinching until July, then let growth develop naturally, staking as desired. If they're next to a wall, consider letting them trail over the edge like a waterfall!


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