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Coastal and Tropical South

May, 2007
Regional Report

Mow and Weed to Control Fleas

Even if you treat pets regularly for fleas, the nasty biters are still plentiful. If the animals spend any time outdoors, mow and weed their pen or run area to reduce flea habitat and improve the effectiveness of controls. If fleas are a problem, you must treat the animal, your house, and the outdoors, too.

Groom Houseplants Summering Outdoors

Take time now to look closely at houseplants spending the summer on porches and patios. Remove dead leaves and flowers, take cuttings, and look for mealybugs. These sticky white masses live where leaves meet stems, dehydrating and disfiguring the host. Use rubbing alcohol on a swab and paint well.

Battling Lawn Weeds

Spring weeds have matured into stickers, and the new crop of dollar weed looks formidable. Dig out what you can, especially near other desirable shrubs or trees and spot-treat others.

Shop for Daylilies

Now's the time to buy and plant daylilies because you can see them in bloom. Daylily growers large and small advertise open gardens this month where you can fall in love with colors and flower shapes. You can purchase your favorites and plant them right away in sunny, well-drained beds.

Use Jute for Plant Ties

Plant stems are more delicate than they look. Wire, nylon string, and similar materials can girdle roses, dahlia stems, tomatoes, and young trees staked against the wind. Plastic coating can heat up excessively, so rely on jute string for natural resilience. Tie strings loosely around stems, then tie tightly to the support.


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