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Southern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

July, 2001
Regional Report

Water Tomatoes

Tomatoes and other large plants grown in loamy clay soil use about 1 inch of water for every three days of hot, dry weather. Keep these plants regularly watered and rinse the undersides of leaves with water to discourage spider mites.

Reduce Water on Melons

Water and fertilize melons once a week to produce juicy, fleshy fruits. About 1 week before harvest stop watering so the sugars in the melons will buildup. One half of a melon\'s final sugar content develops during the last week of maturation.

Water Fruit Trees

Water strawberry beds and fruit and nut trees every other week in July if the weather\'s especially hot. Keep citrus and avocado trees well watered through the entire summer. To avoid wasting water, build a soil basin 1 foot away from the tree trunk and flood it so the water soaks in deeply where the roots are.

Pinch Flowers

Encourage repeat blooming on your flowers by pinching back alyssum, coreopsis, crape myrtle, dahlia, delphinium, dianthus, fuchsia, gaillardia, lobelia, marigold, penstemon, petunia, rose of Sharon, salvia, and verbena flowers. Prune chrysanthemums and poinsettias one last time to encourage bushy growth.

Remove Rose Suckers

Remove rose suckers sprouting from the base of bushes by tearing suckers off with a strong downward and outward pull. By tearing them you\'ll remove not only the sucker, but also the sucker bud at the base of the shoot so a new shoot won\'t appear.


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