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Lower South

June, 2007
Regional Report

Plant Heat-Loving Vegetables

There is still time to plant heat-loving vegetables like southern peas, okra, sweet potatoes, amaranth, Malabar "spinach," and watermelons. Be sure to give them adequate water as the heat really increases their water use.

Older Tomato Leaves Curling

Upward curling of older tomato leaves is a sign of hot weather and high fertility levels. Some varieties are especially prone to this condition. Nothing need be done, as this is not a threat to the plants.

Protect Seedlings from Leaf-Feeding Insects

New seedlings are prime targets for hungry caterpillars and beetles, so make sure and keep a close eye on plants so you can be ready when pest damage warrants control. The lighter weight row covers can protect seedlings until they are large enough to make it on their own. These covers also help retain soil moisture, reducing desiccation from the wind and sun, which aids young seedlings in getting off to a good start.

Trim Watersprouts from Fruit Trees

Vigorous upright shoots in the center of fruit trees need to be trimmed back to allow light into the canopy of leaves. Otherwise the young shoots on the inside of the tree, which would carry much of next year's fruit, will be shaded and die back or at least become much less productive.

Attack Nutsedge Now

Nutsedge has sent out its underground runners and is now producing nuts capable of increasing its population by many fold. Now is the time to attack and either dig or spray every last sprout! If you do a good job knocking it back and then quit for a season, it will regain the lost ground. If you stay with it, you can win.


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