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Western Mountains and High Plains

July, 2007
Regional Report

Hose Off Aphids

Continue to control aphid outbreaks in the garden by hosing them off with a forceful spray of water from the garden hose. You can also use homemade soap sprays, just be sure to apply them in the coolest part of the day. Aphids are wimpy and can be controlled easily if you are persistent.

Transplant Bearded Iris

Now is an ideal time to lift and divide crowded clumps of iris in your garden and remove the old, spent rhizomes. This will help promote better blooming and improve the health of the iris garden. Don't cut back the iris leaves but leave them intact to keep manufacturing food for the new transplants.

Check Traps for Insect Pests

Make a daily routine to check pheromone traps for insect pests. This is important in the home orchard to keep certain pests at bay. If codling moths and others are present in the traps, it's important to apply organic controls such as kaolin-based fruit spray to thwart these pests.

Water Lawns Deeply

Keep your lawn healthy by watering deeply, not frequently. As summer heat intensifies, it's important to monitor sprinklers and measure their output. Use rain gauges to make sure that 1/2 inch of water is applied at each watering cycle.

Pinch Off Old Flower Blooms

Keep your annual flowers blooming by pinching or pruning off the old, spent blooms. This not only tidies up the plants but promotes more laterals to produce flowering stems. Do this on container gardens, too.


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