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Western Mountains and High Plains

August, 2007
Regional Report

Eradicate Wild Morning Glory

This invasive perennial vine is blooming now with pinkish white morning glory-like flowers. Dig or pull the plant out of the garden before it sets seeds. If you are persistent, you can control this pesky weed.

Watch for Hornworms

It's that time again, when leaves and stems of tomato plants disappear overnight. The tomato hornworm moth has laid her eggs on the tomato plants. Seek out the camouflaged worms and pick them off the plant. Dispose of them in a pail of soapy water. Bt is a bacterial control that can be dusted on the plants or applied as a liquid spray.

Put Houseplants on Vacation

If you are going on a summer vacation, put your houseplants in the bathtub on inverted pots. Water thoroughly, leave an inch of water in the tub, and draw the shower curtain. Most plants will do just fine while you're gone and will appreciate the extra humidity.

Install New Sod

Replace those bare spots in the yard now. Make sure to cut out the old, dead sod, and loosen the soil 4 inches deep before putting the new sod in place. Keep the new grass watered daily and it will root down within a few weeks.

Protect Fruit Trees

Don't let fruit tree limbs break from the weight of fruit. Prop them up with poles. It also helps to thin the crop by removing some of the unripe fruit.


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