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Coastal and Tropical South

September, 2007
Regional Report

Repot Rootbound Plants

Repot container plants now if roots extend out a drainage hole or water pours through rapidly. These are indicators of root crowding. Gently slip the rootball out of the pot, and if needed, press on or break the pot to avoid damaging the roots. Loosen or cut tightly bound roots before repotting.

Shop for Bulbs

A wide variety of bulbs awaits at garden centers and online this month. Daffodils and tulips are easy to find, but also look for the more unusual ones such as the entire onion family, including edible and regal flowering alliums; red spider/pink hurricane lilies; amaryllis; and swamp white spider lilies.

Freshen Up Container Plantings

Time to spruce up the big containers and beds of annual flowers. Cut back any leggy ones, or compost them and replant for more months of color. Start candytuft and calendula from seed, and look for fresh pansies, violas, petunias, and snapdragons at the nursery. Continue watering and fertilizing regularly.

Divide the Daisies

It's just a fact: clumps of Shasta-type daisies left undivided don't bloom well. Dig up entire clumps and groom to remove weeds, yellowed leaves, and old flower heads. Part the leaves and cut straight through the crown and roots to form divisions 2 inches square with all three parts included.

Think Ahead

No matter your zone, some plants deserve protection from winter winds and rain, if not the temperatures. Thus our fondness for screen porches, greenhouses, and cold frames of all sorts. Get ready now by setting up benches, replacing plastic covers, and replenishing soil mix as needed.


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