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Western Mountains and High Plains

September, 2007
Regional Report

Repair the Lawn

Cooler weather, less weed competition, and less frequent watering make fall an ideal time to patch up your lawn with sod. Cut out the dead areas, work in some compost, and replace with new sod. Water once daily for a week to 10 days to help the new sod get established.

Deadhead Aggressive Reseeders

Perennials including feverfew, lamb's ears, yarrow, and catnip can be prolific seed producers. I like to cut them back to reduce a heavy dispersal of seeds into the garden. This will reduce your time thinning out the perennial bed come spring.

Dig Tender Bulbs

Dahlias, gladiolus, cannas, begonias, and other tender summer bulbs can be harvested after the first hard frost has blackened the foliage. Lift them out of the ground with a spading fork; be careful not to bruise or cut the bulbs. Store in a cool garage protected from severe cold.

Gauging When to Harvest Pumpkins and Squash

Pumpkins and winter squash should be harvested when mature. The outer skin will become hard enough that it will resist denting with a fingernail. Be sure the stem attachment is hard and dry for best keeping quality.

Clean Up Containers

Patio containers that were filled with annuals can be cleaned up after the flowers have faded. Empty potting soil out of the pots into the vegetable garden. Then store empty containers upside down in a shed or garage. This prevents damage from freezing and thawing in winter.


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