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New England

November, 2007
Regional Report

Water Evergreens

Evergreens don't go totally dormant so they benefit from a deep watering at this time of year. This helps prevent drought stress if the winter snow cover is scant.

Protect Tree Trunks

Plastic spiral tree wraps and brown paper wraps can protect trunks from sunscald and gnawing by rodents. Put them in place before the snow falls so they will extend all the way to the ground or else the critters can sneak underneath the snow and feed on the lower bark that's unprotected.

Keep Tree Stakes Loose

If you've recently planted a tree and it absolutely must be staked for a short period of time, be sure the ties aren't tight so the tree can sway in the breeze. Wind stress can actually increase root growth and trunk girth and result in a stronger mature tree.

Pot Up Amaryllis

If you saved amaryllis bulbs from last year and they have had a dry rest period, watch for signs of shoot growth, which signals that it's time to pot them up. Use a pot only slightly larger than the bulb diameter. Set a bulb into moistened potting mix so one-half to one-third of the bulb protrudes above the soil. Place the pot in a warm well-lit spot, and don't water it again until the first leaf or flower shoot starts to grow. Follow this same process for newly purchased bulbs.

Cover Veggie Beds

If you didn't get a cover crop planted in your empty veggie beds, protect the soil and keep out wayward weed seeds by covering the beds with leaves or straw or hay. This surface organic matter can also encourage beneficial earthworm activity.


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