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Western Mountains and High Plains

November, 2007
Regional Report

Rake Leaves as Needed

To prevent suffocation of the grass crowns, rake heavy accumulations of leaves off your lawn. You can also run the lawn mower over the lawn and catch the shredded leaves to add to your compost pile.

Dig Canna Plants

Time to dig out the canna plants and shake away excess soil from the tuberous roots. Cut back the frozen tops to within a few inches of the roots and place in a box of coarse sawdust or sphagnum peat moss. Store cannas in a spot where temperatures are between 45 and 50 degrees F.

Prepare for Living Christmas Tree

If you intend to plant a live evergreen tree for the holiday season, now is the time to dig the planting hole outdoors. While the ground is unfrozen, dig a hole that's about two to three times as wide as the rootball. Set aside the backfill soil and cover with a tarp or straw so it won't freeze solid. Be sure to cover the planting hole with a sheet of plywood to keep anyone from falling in.

Feed Wild Birds Regularly

Fall bird-feeding is a great family activity. Be sure to keep the feeders stocked throughout the week so they will visit regularly. These winged musicians are fun for young and old alike.

Wrap Tree Trunks

When the calendar reads Thanksgiving, it's a gentle reminder to get the tree wrap on young or newly planted deciduous trees. Use a crepe wrap or white plastic tree guards. Wrapping helps to reflect bright sunlight and prevent the bark from splitting with fluctuating winter temperatures.


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