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Lower South

November, 2007
Regional Report

Feed Hollies and Pyracanthas With Yellowing Leaves

Holly and firethorn (pyracantha) plants with a heavy set of fruit often suffer from nutrient deficiencies. The load of fruit can really put a demand on the plant, causing leaves to turn from green to chartreuse/yellow. Apply a complete fertilizer and some iron chelate, and then water it in well to help them along.

Harvest Tomatoes and Peppers Before First Frost

Frost will ruin your tomato and pepper fruits. Pick them prior to the first frost. Peppers can be eaten green, even if very small. Mature green tomato fruit will continue to ripen indoors on the kitchen counter. Peppers won't ripen after harvest but can be stored in the refrigerator for at least a couple of weeks.

Root Rose Cuttings

Now is a great time to root roses. Take 4-inch cuttings and stick them in the soil in a moist, shaded spot, such as under the eaves on the north or east side of your home. Place a quart jar over the cuttings to reduce evaporation. Keep the soil moist over winter. In spring, you'll find a good percentage will have rooted.

Store Potatoes and Squash Properly

Store potatoes and winter squash in an area with moderate humidity and cool temperatures. Place only firm, unblemished fruit in storage. This will assure the longest possible shelf life. Check periodically and promptly remove any showing signs of decay.

Plant Bulbs Indoors For Winter Flowers

Start bulbs for indoor forcing. Paper whites and amaryllis are among the easiest and are readily available this time of year. A shallow dish with bulbs started for forcing makes a great gift for friends and neighbors. Keep them in a bright location for best results.


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