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Lower South

December, 2007
Regional Report

Plant Berrying Shrubs

Shrubs that produce ornamental berries add interest to the landscape. Many types produce their fruit in fall and winter, a time when landscape color is limited. Now is a great time to plant shrubs. Hollies have separate male and female plants so be sure you are getting female plants if you want berries. Ask about whether or not it is necessary to plant a male plant for pollination.

Mulch Soil Around Shrubs and Trees

Cool-season weeds are already up and growing. With winter just around the corner, now is a good time to replenish mulch in shrub beds. This will smother weeds and protect the soil over the winter season. Young trees will also benefit from a well-maintained mulch cover over their roots.

Reduce Fertilizer for Indoor Plants

The low light and cooler temperatures of winter mean your houseplants will need less nutrition to do well. Unless plants are in a very well-lighted atrium or very bright window, you can probably cut back fertilizing by half. Also watch soil moisture, as it is easy to overwater during the winter months.

Stagger Lettuce Plantings

Plant lettuce in small sections every two weeks to keep you in fresh greens all winter. When a freeze threatens, cover tender seedlings with a row cover fabric. Fertilize in light, frequent doses to keep the plants vigorous.

Prepare Power Tools For Winter

Mowing season is behind us at last. Drain gasoline from mowers, gas edgers, and other power tools, and run the engine until fuel in the carburetor is used up. Then they are ready to go into winter storage. That way they'll be in top shape when spring arrives and they are called up for service once again.


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