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New England

January, 2008
Regional Report

Check Forced Bulbs

Potted forced bulbs may need watering so check on them soon. They should be removed from their cold treatment when they are well rooted and shoots have begun to grow.

Pot Up Cuttings

If you have cuttings rooted in water, now's the time to pot them up so they'll have time to put on some bushy growth before summer. Use a soilless potting mix and give them good light.

Keep Pinching Houseplants

With the stronger sun and longer days, houseplants will be putting out more new growth that can become leggy. Also these succulent shoots are very appealing to aphids. Keep pinching the growing tips and move plants around if needed to give them all some time in the sunniest windows.

Place Dahlia Orders Early

You can get a head start on spring planting by potting dahlia tubers in late winter indoors and then taking cuttings of the new growth and rooting those. That way you can get several new plants from each tuber.

Surround Yourself With Fresh Flowers

Don't wait until Valentine's Day to bring the good vibes of flowers into your home or office. Choose several small vases and feature a different type of flower in each vase. Cut the stems short so the flower heads form a tight cluster: one for your desk, one next to the kitchen sink, one on the bathroom vanity. Group vases together on the dining table.


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