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Western Mountains and High Plains

April, 2008
Regional Report

Freshen Up Potting Soil

Check the soil in your container gardens and add new soil if necessary. Fill in depressed areas, or replace old, packed down soil. This will ensure that your plants get off to a healthy start.

Divide and Separate African Violets

Older African violets eventually develop a "gooseneck" and flop out of their pots. Spring is a good time to lift out these older plants, separate, and transplant. Use a quality houseplant potting mix so new roots will form more rapidly.

Overseed Thinning Lawns

If your lawn has been developing thin spots or if dogs have worn out areas, spring is a good time to overseed. It is helpful to core aerate before overseeding as the holes left from aeration are excellent lodging places for the new seed. Use a high-quality seed blend, not a seed mixture.

Monitor Newly Planted Rose Bushes

Bare-root roses that were recently planted should be checked every few days for moisture. Avoid keeping the ground too wet as this will starve the new roots of oxygen. It is best to allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings; the only way to make sure is to dig down and check.

Start Melons Indoors

To get a head start on melons and cucumbers, start seeds indoors four weeks before they are to be planted outdoors. Use a quality potting soil and fresh seed. Place the growing pots on a heating mat to create a better germination environment.


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