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Western Mountains and High Plains

May, 2008
Regional Report

Thin Crowded Perennials

This is a good time to make space in crowded perennial gardens. Many small perennial seedlings can be lifted and transplanted into better locations or shared with friends and neighbors.

Mow Lawn Frequently

Don't let your cool-season grasses grow too tall during the prime growing season. Mow on a weekly basis, even twice a week, to maintain a nice clean look. Be sure the lawn mower has a sharp, clean blade to avoid "white tipping" of the lawn.

Start Warm-Season Cucurbits

To get a head start with cucumbers, squash, and melons, start seeds indoors three weeks before they are to be set outdoors. Plant fresh seed in a good potting mixture and set the pots in a sunny window. As the weather gets consistently warm, the small transplants can be acclimated to outdoors.

Plant Pansies

Brighten patio containers with the colorful faces of pansies. Many colors and new varieties are available at local garden stores now. Plant pansies in a well-drained potting mix while the weather is still cool so you can enjoy their cheerful blossoms for many weeks to come.

Fertilize Cool-Season Lawns

If you haven't applied lawn fertilizer to the lawn yet, now is the time. Cool-season grasses need a balanced lawn food with iron and sulfur to maintain good color and vigor. Apply with a broadcast spreader for uniform coverage, and then water. Read and follow label directions.


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