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Lower South

May, 2008
Regional Report

Prepare Spring Transplants for Summer

Over a few weeks, wean those spring transplants off the frequent watering schedule used to help them get started. Deep, infrequent soakings will help them develop an extensive root system and be more resilient in the summer heat. This is also true of newly established sod.

Keep Mower Blade Sharp

Check your lawn mower blade. Nicks and dents may indicate a need for a new blade. Sharpen your mower blades regularly. Dull blades can cause a brownish discoloration of the cut ends of stems and leaves shortly after mowing. Multiply these discolorations times a million and your lawn takes on a less attractive color and appearance.

Attack Nutsedge

Nutsedge has sent out its underground runners and is now producing nuts capable of increasing its population manyfold. Now is the time to attack and either dig or spray every last sprout. If you do a good job knocking it back and then quit for a season, it will regain the lost ground. If you stay with it, you can win.

Eliminate Mosquito-Breeding Areas

Nothing ruins a nice afternoon or evening outdoors like a swarm of hungry mosquitoes. We often contribute to the problem by raising them in our landscapes. They can breed in standing water that collects in catch basins under containers, in sagging rain gutters, and in other outdoor locations. Check around and empty any standing water.

Trim Blackberries

Pinch or snip out the tips of blackberry shoots when they reach about 4 feet tall. This encourages branching, which helps form a tidier hedgerow for easy picking. After harvest remove the shoots that bore fruit back to ground level.


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