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Western Mountains and High Plains

June, 2008
Regional Report

Mulch Pathways

Use organic mulch in garden pathways to keep weeds under control. This will reduce weeding time in your garden. Even a thick layer of newspaper topped with straw or hay will work. If a weed does pop up, it's easy to pull out.

Make Successive Plantings

If you have space, sow fast-maturing crops every two weeks or so for a continuous harvest. Cool-season weather is great for spinach and lettuce, but once the weather warms up you can switch to more heat-tolerant greens like Malabar spinach.

Control Slugs

Now that weather has warmed up, slugs are on the move. An environmentally friendly way to control slugs is to use the iron phosphate-based slug baits. These baits are safe to use around pets, wildlife, and children and they're less messy than beer traps.

Remove Elm Leaves in Lawn

Elm trees will regularly shed leaves that are infested by leaf miners. A seasonal pest of elm trees, the miners generally don't cause serious damage. Rake leaves off the lawn and add them to the compost pile. Mowing over the lawn with a grass catcher will also tidy up your lawn.

Transplant Seedlings

Lots of volunteers can sprout up in the perennial garden. It's a good time to gently dig them up and transplant into 1-gallon pots. Keep them growing in a semi-sunny location and you'll have new perennials to share or fill in bare spots.


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