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New England

July, 2008
Regional Report

Fertilize Container Plants

Give container plants a dose of fertilizer if you haven't done so for awhile. First, moisten the soil by watering until it comes out the drainage holes. Then use a water-soluble fertilizer.

Patrol for Japanese Beetles

Early morning and evening are good times to go after Japanese beetles because they are sluggish. Knock them into a can of soapy water. Check the undersides of foliage, too.

Save Lupine Seeds

Leave some seedpods on lupine plants until they dry. Then cut the pods off the plants, using a paper bag to catch the pods and any seeds knocked loose as you cut. Store the pods and seeds in the paper bag in a cool, dry place for sowing next spring.

Stake Tall Dahlias

Don't let the wind or heavy rains knock your dahlias to the ground. Stake individual stems or place several bamboo poles around a large plant and wrap twine around the poles to provide support.

Keep Compost Pile Moist

After a few days without rain, take a hose to the compost pile and moisten the materials to keep them decomposing. Use a compost fork to mix the ingredients, moving the stuff around the outside of the pile into the middle where most of the decomposition takes place.


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