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Western Mountains and High Plains

December, 2008
Regional Report

Protect Newly Planted Fruit Trees

If you haven't take time to wrap newly planted fruit trees, do so now. This is especially helpful for new, young fruit trees with tender bark. A commercial tree wrap will protect the young bark from rodent damage and winter sun scald.

Keep Christmas Trees Safe

Use warm water each time you fill the Christmas tree reservoir. A properly conditioned cut tree will take up warm water more readily than cold. Add more tree preservative at every other filling.

Unwrap Gift Plants

Remove the decorative paper or foil from the bottom of potted gift plants once you get them home. This will allow water to flow through the drainage holes in the sides or bottom of the containers. Flowering plants don't like to be overwatered.

Care for Cut Evergreens

Give cuttings of holly, pine, spruce, and juniper the same care you would a flower arrangement. Supply water to the cut stems, protect from warm drafts, and keep in a cool location. With proper care, cut evergreens will last for several weeks.

Decorate Outdoor Planters

Containers that can spend the winter outdoors can be decorated for the season. Use cuttings from evergreens, pine cones, branches of berries, and other natural materials to accent the patio, front porch, and deck. Add some outdoor lights to highlight these containers and add a festive touch.


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