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Northern & Central Midwest

February, 2009
Regional Report

Check Stored Vegetables

If you have vegetables and fruits in cool storage, be sure to check them weekly for rotting. All it takes is one rotten apple to give off enough ethylene gas to ruin the rest of the fruit and vegetables. If they are shriveling from dryness, consider running a humidifier to add some moisture.

Keep Feeders Filled

Keep your feeders filled, and bring them in occasionally to wash with warm soapy water. Put out corn or nuts to keep squirrels from eating your bird seed and keep them fed. Squirrel babies are usually born in February, so moms need sustenance for nursing babies.

Take a Walk

Don't forget to take a walk outdoors regularly. Before you know it, you will begin to smell the earth and see sorrel popping up in the garden. Make mental or physical notes as you walk around so you will have your "to-do" list ready the minute you get a thaw.

Fertilize Orchids

Fertilize moth orchids regularly. They need dilute fertilizer every time they are watered. Keep somewhat cool (depending on the type of orchid), and keep in high light. After blooming, clip out the flower stalk just below the lowest flower to force new bloom spikes.

Make a New Begonia

Take cuttings of a favorite begonia and root them for friends for May Day or a favorite mom for Mother's Day. Take cuttings about two inches long, remove the lower leaves, dip in rooting powder and plant in sterile potting mix. Put several cuttings in one pot for a full plant.


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