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Western Mountains and High Plains

March, 2009
Regional Report

Plant Bare-Root Trees

Bare-root deciduous trees are best planted in early spring while they are still dormant. When purchasing bare-root trees look for healthy bark, good stem development, and a flexible, undamaged root system.

Prune Everbearing Raspberries

If you didn't get your raspberries pruned last fall, everbearing raspberries should be cut to ground level in early spring. Get out the pruning loppers, and cut the canes down to stimulate growth of new canes.

Transplant Perennial Flowers

As the soil thaws and warms, it's a good time to divide and transplant overcrowded perennials. Plants that are five years old or more may need to be discarded if the centers of the crowns are dying out. Keep new, fresh divisions for replacements.

Prune Fruit Trees

Now is the time to prune fruit trees to remove suckers and branches that are criss-crossing. Carefully remove unwanted branches and stems by making clean cuts with a sharp pruning shears or curved pruning saw.

Water Roses

If the weather has been windy and dry, water the rose garden deeply to charge the subsoil with moisture. Check the mulch around the rose crowns and gradually remove to expose emerging buds to more sunlight and provide air circulation.


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