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Western Mountains and High Plains

March, 2009
Regional Report

Water Bulb Beds

With continued dry weather in many parts of the region it's important that you don't neglect watering new and old spring-flowering bulb beds. Dry soils can directly affect flowering and stunt stem and foliage growth. Water deeply as the weather dictates.

Elevate the Garden

If you're running out of space, shop for new garden structures, including trellises, pergolas, and even a sitting bench to relax and enjoy your garden.

Plan the Patio and Deck Garden

Now is the time to assess your patio or deck and consider some new planters for flowers, vegetables, and vining plants. With so many styles of new pottery, there is something out there to reflect your garden style.

Evaluate Current Landscape

While things are still somewhat dormant, look at the key features and the overall outline of your outdoor landscape. Jot down ideas for new planting areas, renovating old ones, improving pathways, or adding a few specimen shrubs to enhance an area.

Check Garden Tools

While you still have a bit of free time, clean and sharpen garden tools. Scrap off mud with a wire brush and wipe down surfaces with an oily rag. Replace worn gloves with good leather gloves and recycle a 5-gallon bucket to store tools and keep them handy.


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