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Northern & Central Midwest

April, 2009
Regional Report

Plant Potatoes

Plant potatoes this month. Plant mid-season in mid April and late season the first of May. This way you will have potatoes for long-time harvest. Be sure not to plant where potatoes were planted last year, and don't use composted manure as it can cause potato scab.

Divide Perennials

It's time to divide perennials if last year they showed signs such as reduced flowering, smaller flowers, growth dying out in the center of the plant, the plant outgrowing its bounds, or generally looking less vigorous. Dig the entire plant, split and replant or simply dig out half the plant and move to another site.

Take Care of Peonies

Clean up all old peony foliage if botrytis blight was a problem last year. Put out peony rings or stakes while the shoots are still only a few inches or the leaves will begin to unfold making it hard to stake. Avoid overhead watering to prevent the fungus.

Plant Asparagus

Start an asparagus bed. Dig the bed about eight inches deep and set asparagus roots on small mounds of soil eighteen inches apart. Cover with two inches of soil. As the plants begin to grow, continue to cover and fill in the trench. Don't bury the green shoots completely. Don't harvest until next year.

Plant Peas

Plant garden, snap, and snow peas now. Seed them about 1 1/2 inches deep and 1-2 inches apart in single or double rows. Most peas need support to grow on, so put your trellis in place before seeding to avoid damaging tender seedlings. Mulch to keep the soil cool.


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