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Western Mountains and High Plains

May, 2009
Regional Report

Last Chance to Aerate Lawns

While the weather remains cool and there's moisture in the subsoil, get your lawn core-aerated. This helps break through thatch and mat layers to allow better water percolation, increase nutrient availability, and stimulate root and rhizome development for a thick, healthy, drought-tolerant lawn.

Fertilize Daffodils

After your daffodils have finished flowering, deadhead the spent blooms. Leave the foliage intact and scatter a slow-release 5-10-5 fertilizer around the root zone. Water in thoroughly.

Dig Annual Grassy Weeds

Now is the time to hand pull or dig annual grassy weeds like downy brome grass (also known as cheat grass) before it goes to seed. When the soil is moist, yank the young plants by the crown and pull out roots and all.

Pick a Bouquet of Tulips

Enjoy the unfolding beauty from your spring flower garden. Gather a bouquet of tulips and enjoy them on the dining room table. They make wonderful cut flowers and bring cheer to everyone who visits.

Remove Tree Wrap

If you haven't removed the tree wrap from the trunks of young trees that you wrapped last fall, now is the time. Leaving wrap on the trunk over the summer is an invitation for insect pests to set up house and the moist, warm environment creates an environment for disease to take hold. Bark needs exposure to sunlight and air circulation to develop and acclimate naturally.


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