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Lower South

June, 2009
Regional Report

Give Spider Mites A Bath

Spider mites love hot weather and a dry, dusty leaves. A weekly blast of water directed upward from beneath the plants can dislodge them from the undersides of the leaves. If you do a thorough blasting of the undersides of a plant's foliage once a week, it will usually keep mites in control without the need for pesticide sprays.

Plant Extra Color Containers

Plant some extra flowering containers with warm-season flowers for backup color. When one starts looking spent you can just move another into its place and replant the old one or take it back behind the garage to the plant "hospital" for recuperation! Color containers provide a versatile addition to the landscape.

Stop Nutsedge Now

Nutsedge has sent out its underground runners and is now producing nuts capable of increasing its population by many fold. Now is the time to attack and either dig or spray every last sprout! If you do a good job knocking it back and then quit for month or two, it will regain the lost ground. You need to stay with it to get it under control.

Control Stink Bugs

If you love tomatoes you aren't alone! Stink bugs and their cousins leaf-footed bugs are arriving en masse to poke their nasty little mouthparts into our fruit. Early morning sprays can catch them when they are still a bit sluggish. Wait too long and they'll have done their damage, leaving fruit deformed or with hard yellow spots.

Raise the Mower Blade

Set your mower to as high as is aesthetically acceptable. Mowing at a low height is more stressful to most turf species. It results in shallow rooting (less drought resilience) and encourages weed problems. Tall turf is stronger, deeper rooted, and looks denser too. It is also better able to take foot traffic and does better in shady spots.


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