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Northern & Central Midwest

September, 2009
Regional Report

Let Amaryllis Go Dormant

Gradually reduce watering amaryllis so the leaves die down. Bring the bulb in before frost, and when the leaves have died completely, cut them off. Store the bulb, in its container, in an area with temperatures around 50 degrees F for 8-10 weeks after which you can resume watering and bring into light.

Prepare for Lady Beetle Invasion

Get ready now for the late fall lady beetle invasion. Prevent them from entering the home by sealing with caulk all cracks around windows, doors, siding, and other openings. Install tight-fitting door sweeps, and install insect screening over attic and exhaust vents. Replace any damaged door and window screens.

Apples are Ripe

When apples are ready to pick, they usually come free from the fruiting spur fairly easily. To pick, don't pull down, but twist upward with a rotating motion to protect the fruiting spur. A tree that is dropping fruit is letting you know it's time to pick.

Plant Pansies

Plant pansies early for a beautiful show through October and November. Pansies are frost tolerant so will continue to bloom long into the late fall. Some have been bred to overwinter so they be ready to jump into bloom in the spring, earlier than any other flowers.

Don't Move Firewood

Be a good citizen and don't spread Emerald Ash Borer. Purchase only local firewood and don't move your own firewood. The borer only affects ash trees and they do not typically travel very far on their own. Reducing human transport of the pest can slow the infestations.


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