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Lower South

February, 2010
Regional Report

Complete Dormant Pruning

Late winter is a great time to finish up any pruning still left to be done on fruit trees, roses, and deciduous trees and shrubs. Spring growth is about to begin and pruning cuts made now will heal rapidly in the coming months.

Perennial Bed Cleanup

Clean up perennial beds that still have last season's growth on them. Trim back herbs and perennials that are looking shaggy after the mild winter. This will allow them to bounce back full and healthy looking as the weather warms.

Get in Final Planting of Cool Season Greens

Warm weather and longer day lengths will be here soon. That means cool season salad greens will start to bolt and decline. So now is the time to get out a final planting of cool season greens like lettuce, spinach and mesclun mix. Choose leafy types of lettuce rather than head lettuce for best results in late spring.

Stockpile Leaves

Keep gathering and stockpiling leaves from your neighbors for composting and summer mulching. You just never seem to have enough to last until next fall! Leaves are nature's own free slow-release fertilizer.

Fertilize Cool Season Flowers

Keep cool season flowers vigorous by periodic feeding. They will keep blooming for another couple of months if you supply the moisture and nutrients they need.


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