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Lower South

March, 2010
Regional Report

Get Early Start On Cucumbers & Squash

Cucumbers and squash like warm temperatures, so it is still too early to plant them outdoors. However you can start your own transplants in 4" pots indoors. In a few weeks they'll be ready to move outside to the garden. Don't leave them too long in the pots or they will not transplant well.

Acclimate Transplants to Outdoors

Those tender seedlings you started indoors are living the life of Riley in your warm comfortable home. Before planting them outdoors, give them a week or so to acclimate by moving them outside to a protected location during the warm part of the day. Then gradually extend the time to get them accustomed to their new environment.

Fertilize New Transplants

When planting new transplant into the garden give them a boost with a dilute fertilizer solution. Seaweed and fish emulsion works great as do the many soluble plant food products. This will provide the plant a little extra nutrition as it starts to establish a strong root system and really gets it off to a great head start on spring.

Don't Allow Cool Season Weeds to Produce Seeds

Most cool season lawn and garden weeds are loaded with developing seeds now. Pull them up now to prevent them from dropping those seeds and reduce future weed problems in your lawn and garden. Either discard the weeds or compost them in a well constructed compost pile that heats up well in order to destroy the seeds.

Get Mower in Top Condition

Mowing season is about to be upon us. This is a good time to have your mower tuned up by a good small engine repair shop. The blade should be sharpened for easier operation and a cleaner cut. Replace plugs and check filters. If your mower is not a mulching model inquire as to what accessories may be available to convert it over.


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