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Pacific Northwest

May, 2010
Regional Report

Control Azalea Leaf Gall

Azalea leaf gall is a fungal disease that causes leaves to be swollen and distorted. Pick off the infected leaves and prune the plant to provide better air circulation. If infection is widespread, you may need to apply a fungicide such as copper sulfate as a preventive spray in spring.

Overseed Lawns

Fill bare spots in the lawn by loosening the soil to a depth of 1/2 inch and sowing seed. Work the seed in and gently water the area. Keep the area moist by covering it with compost or peat moss and let the grass fill in completely before mowing.

Divide Hostas

When new foliage just begins to emerge, dig and divide overgrown hosta clumps. For quickest recovery, each new division should have at least two leaves attached to a mass of roots. Replant the divisions after amending the soil with moisture retentive compost or other organic matter.

Outwit Cats

Cats like to dig in freshly cultivated soil. One way to deter them is to lay crumpled chicken wire over the bed and cut holes in it for planting. As the plants grow, they'll hide the chicken wire, while it continues to discourage cats from using the bed as a litter box.

Keep a Garden Calendar

Keep a garden calendar near the door closest to the garden. A garden calendar is a great way to mark the seasons and help you keep track of when you plant, fertilize, and harvest. Also, you'll note what plants grow best in your garden year after year.


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