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Lower South

June, 2010
Regional Report

Trim Blackberries

Pinch or snip out the tips of blackberry shoots when they reach about 4 feet tall. This encourages branching which helps form a tidier hedgerow for easy picking. After harvest remove the shoots that bore fruit back to ground level.

Regular Mowing For a Beautiful Lawn

The single most important part of building a beautiful lawn is to mow it frequently. Infrequent mowing intervals are more stressful to the turf and leave the lawn unsightly after mowing. Mow every 5-7 days for a dense, attractive lawn. During the hot summer months don't push turf with too much fertilizer or it will be more prone to drought stress and attack from chinch bugs.

Protect Seedlings From Drying Sun and Wind

The lighter weight row cover fabrics can protect seedlings until they are up and large enough to make it on their own. These covers also help retain soil moisture by reducing desiccation from the wind and sun, aiding young seedlings in getting off to a good start.

Attack Nutsedge Now

Nutsedge has sent out its underground runners and is now producing nuts capable of increasing its population by many fold. Now is the time to attack and either dig or spray every last sprout! If you do a good job knocking it back and then quit for a season, it will regain the lost ground. If you stay with it, you can win.

Protect Tomatoes from Stink Bugs

If you love tomatoes you aren't alone! Stink bugs and their cousins the leaf footed bugs are arriving en masse to poke their nasty little mouthparts into our fruit. Rowcover fabric can help "screen" them out but there are few effective low toxicity spray options. Early morning sprays can catch them when they are still a bit sluggish. Wait too long and they'll have done their damage leaving fruit deformed or with hard yellow spots.


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