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Western Mountains and High Plains

July, 2010
Regional Report

Mulch shrubs and perennials

Don't leave the soil naked around shrubs and perennial flowers. Apply cedar mulch for a nice clean look and to reduce the need for frequent waterings. Organic mulches will also keep the soil loose and friable, allowing for oxygen and water exchange.

Remove spent rose blooms

As blooms fade on your roses, cut back to a point just above a 5-leaflet leaf. A new shoot and flowers will develop from the leaf base.

Wash aphids away

To control both aphids and mites, use a homemade soap spray or simply syringe the plants with a strong stream of water weekly. Be careful when syringing rose bushes if rose buds are opening as the force of water may cause mechanical damage to the flower petals.

Mow lawns regularly

Continue to mow the lawn often to keep it looking its best. Practice the rule of one-third, removing no more than one-third of the leaf blade at any one mowing. When you mow often, clippings can be left on the lawn as they will disintegrate and return nutrients to the lawn.

Tidy up hanging pots

Deadhead flowering hanging baskets to encourage more flowering. Merely pinch off the spent blossoms with your fingers or snip with a pair of garden scissors. If you fertilize with a soluble plant food and it's been over three weeks since your last application, apply another dose to provide nutrients.


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