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Western Mountains and High Plains

August, 2010
Regional Report

Fill in the holes

Summer is a good time to buy flowering plants on sale. These can add color where you see holes in your landscape. It's also a good time to browse for plants in mail-order catalogs to see if there is anything you might want to order for fall delivery.

Prevent the spread of disease

As you enjoy the garden and make routine harvests, take time to remove leaves and stems that are browning or yellowing. Old foliage may harbor fungus diseases that can potentially spread to other parts of the plant.

Pinch back petunias

Encourage healthier, vigorous growth while promoting later flowering by pinching back leggy and straggly petunias. Avoid the urge to give your plants a"buzz cut" as this can result in more browning and delay growth. Pinch stems at leaf nodes for best results.

Water the soil

To conserve water and for the most efficient use of water, don't water during the heat of midday. Plan your watering in late afternoon or early morning. A deep soaking will last longer than frequent, light waterings.

Enjoy your efforts

Take time to sit back and enjoy your hard work. Pick flowers for a colorful bouquet. Now is a good time to pick flowers at their prime for air drying, too. Take photos to remember this season's garden.


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